Coronavirus Updates And Resources For Hawaii

While the Covid-19 situation continues to unfold we must come together as a community to support one another.

All the latest news, updates and resources for small businesses and those who support them, as well as ways that you can personally get involved.

Support Local Businesses

We are building a comprehensive searchable database of  businesses in Hawaii that remain open with their latest information. Use the database to shop and support our community, and tell your friends to search and sign up.

How You Can Help


Our elderly are more isolated than ever. Kind words of support make a difference.

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Our medical teams work for hours without breaks. They could use a warm meal.

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In times of crisis it is important that we pull together. If you are called to help — we need you.

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Business Resources

From building your online presence to learning about SBA loans and more. Get connected with the most with the most relevant information for your needs.

Prevention Guidlines

It is paramount that each and every one of us does their part to help contain the spread of coronavirus. This starts with taking the simple, basic precautions in your daily routine that will help us overcome this adversity. 

Community Resources

Stay up to date with the latest updates about how coronavirus is affecting Hawaii, and stay informed with a database of resources to stay prepared.

Ask The Doctors

Meet the doctors who will be taking your questions during our interview series

Dr. Rupie


Dr. Rupie is a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist who has been a practicing physician in Hawaii for over a decade. She has served as an executive hospital board member and as a physician advisor and medical director for major health systems. Rupal has had a wide scope of practice through telemedicine, urgent care, outpatient clinic and as an acute care hospitalist in both city and rural settings both nationally and internationally.  In her career, she has overseen the care for tens of thousands of patients.

Dr. Chauhan


Dr. Chauhan trained at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School in England. He worked in both England and Canada before settling in Hawaii in 2016. He has experience in hospital, clinic, and urgent care settings, as well as telemedicine. He has completed more than 12,000 telemedicine sessions with patients all over Europe. Dr. Chauhan believes that good health means being at your best, both physically and mentally, and that every person should have access to the care and medications they need to achieve this state of well-being.