Letters for Kupuna

Almost 60,000 seniors in Hawaii are currently living alone or in group housing. As the most vulnerable to Coronavirus, that have been placed in strict isolation, exastrebating the issue to lonelineness and depression already plauging seniors.

Their limited familiarity with technology prevents them from connecting using Zoom like the rest of us. Handwritten letters were the principle means of communication when they were young, and continues to represent a cherished medium for them.

We can make a different by sending letters of support and helping them feel connected to the community.

Your $5 donation covers the cost of having your digital letter written plus postage, and allows us to continue offering this service to the community.

Alternatively, you can hand write a letter and mail it to PO Box 283250, Honolulu HI 96828 for collection.


Payment & Postage: $5

Why a digital letter?

We don’t expect that everyone has envolopes and stamps handy, so rather than exclude those people from contributing, we made it easy for you to send a digital letter. We don’t think a simple printed letter would have the same effect on the letter recipients as reading handwriting, so using a robotic handwriting service we can turn your typed letter into a sentimental handwritten note. 

Why letters?

Seniors in America face an epidemic of social isolation, loneliness, and depression. These factors can contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and lead to increased mortality.

The protective measures enacted to protect our seniors from Coronavirus have prevented them from seeing visitors and interacting with their friends.


 Seniors typically have trouble managing new technology and are unable to utilize Zoom to connect with people like the rest of us can.

Letters are a familiar form of communication for seniors that can bring back fond memories , will uplift their spirits, and will bring a smile to their faces.


Our goal is to collect at least 5000 letters to distribute amongst our senior citizens.

You can help by writing and sending letters, becoming a pen pal, and by spreading the word to your family and friends to support this initiative.

We need to let them know that they are not forgotten, and they are not alone.


Letter Writing Guidelines

Letters must be legible (large print) and handwritten

No worries if you’re not artistic– make your card as what you’d like to receive. If you send a digital letter, part of your donation will go towards having it “hand written” by a digital letter writing service.

Avoid Religion

Please refrain from including anything religious in your letters, such as religious quotes, words like “God,” etc.

Keep it positive

You can write about any and everything, but overall please keep your letters positive. You can write about a meal that you cooked, your adorable pets, anything positive going on in your life, funny stories, or even poems. 

Exclude the date

Please refrain from mentioning the day, month, or year.

Embrace creativity!

Recipients love it when the letters are personal. We encourage you to make your letters detailed, thoughtful and heartfelt.

Be kind and thoughtful

This is a one-way letter exchange, meaning you will not receive a letter back, so remember that no reciprocation attached is part of the beauty of your act of kindness, and the recipients don’t feel burdened by feeling obligated or being unable to respond.

Use an envolope

It’s so much nicer to open up an enveloped card, don’t you think? If you’re sending more than 1 letter, leave your enveloped letters unsealed and unstamped and put them in a larger envelope or box to send.

Share your act of kindness

We love seeing photos of your letter writing, and it helps promote our cause more than you know. Tag us @covid19_hawaii and tag #lettersforkupuna

Send as many letters as you’d like

Our goal is to collect at least 5000 letters, but we’d like to collect many more than that. If you feel compelled, feel free to write as many letters as you can.

Ready to mail? Send to:

PO Box 283250, Honolulu, HI 96828.

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