Open For Business

April 3, 2020

While our world seems turned upside down, it’s hard to think beyond the needs of daily survival. This is even more true for business owners. While how we do business has changed dramatically, it’s important to let your customers and community know that you ARE open for business. 

Here’s some tips:
  1. Be Social
  2. – Post on social media and post frequently. Engage with your customers to add a personal touch to your company and its services.
  3. Be positive!
  4. – Keep your messages positive and uplifting. Humour is ok, just make sure it’s respectful and in good taste.
  5. Be informative
  6. Let customers know your hours, how your business has changed, what services are new or not available, at least for now. Offering free or discounted pricing? Let them know.
  7. Be Creative!
  8. – This is a great time to provide your expertise in virtual ways. Plumbing tips? Or lessons on how to make simple design changes to liven up your living room. By not just selling your services but providing help and sharing knowledge, you’re giving your customers a reason for staying with you long after this pandemic is over.
  9. Keep Advertising.
  10. Continue to promote your company as much as possible. It’s important to be where your customers know you to be. Knowing you’re around is comforting to your loyal clients.

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